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  1. A lecture "Interoperation between production grids using high-level environment" was given during Cracow Grid Workshop'10
  2. On SC2009 conference, an exhibition of Pionier, FZJ, EGEE/EGI and EPCC, between 17th and 19th November, will present how can Kepler environment be used to mix HPC and grid jobs and execute them in parallel
  3. Migrating Desktop tutorial is ported to our wiki. You can always navigate there for the latest version
Migrating Desktop
New Generation Environment
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Migrating Desktop
What is Migrating Desktop for? How does it work?
You can watch the Migrating Desktop overview on YouTube

If you want to learn how to use this platform, please refer to our Tutorial

Any problems using Migrating Desktop? Any feature request?
Just submit a bug or task using JIRA bug tracking system.