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  1. A lecture "Interoperation between production grids using high-level environment" was given during Cracow Grid Workshop'10
  2. On SC2009 conference, an exhibition of Pionier, FZJ, EGEE/EGI and EPCC, between 17th and 19th November, will present how can Kepler environment be used to mix HPC and grid jobs and execute them in parallel
  3. Migrating Desktop tutorial is ported to our wiki. You can always navigate there for the latest version
User guide
  1. Manuals:
    • Migrating Desktop tutorial: Tutorial
    • Installation Guide can be found at our CVS repository: Installation guide
    • Tips & Tricks. Some basic hints: t&t.doc [PDF]
    • Presentation from May 2007. Winning demo - main prize during EGEE User Forum/OGF 20 in Manchester - in avi format Demo

  2. Launching Migrating Desktop:

    The Migrating Desktop is launched using Sun Java Web Start included to the Sun Java Runtime Environment

    Java Web Start:

    Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 or newer
    Possible problems with Java Web Start while loading Migrating Desktop:

    • If you see "Security Warning" - use START button

  3. Acquiring credentials:

    Create user's certificate using:
    > grid-cert-request
    and follow the instructions. To sign certificate contact your country Certification Authority. The list of CA's could be found here
    Please make sure your certificate becomes signed by the proper CA for your country!

  4. Firewall policy:

    Open port 8080 for HTTP or 8443 for HTTPS connection

    If you want to transfer files you should open the pool: 13000-17000 (If it is not possible please always use tunneled connection in Migrating Desktop) and port 2811 in both directions between your local workstation and remote SE(s)